If you’re looking for heavy duty tools, renting a couple of chairs for a get together or a bouncy castle for a kiddie party!!! This spot is perfect!! Friendly, knowledgeable people are waiting to assist you here!! I really enjoyed my visit, and most definitely enjoyed the price I paid for the heavy duty tool I needed to properly sand down my deck! Thanks Dan for making this rental easy for us!! You guys rock!! We were so pleased, this will definitely be our go to place when in the need of your services!!

Audri S.

Rented chavari chairs here for my reception.

Delivered early, more comfortable than your average. Delivery people courteous
and sales guy was personable

Denis R.

Let me start off by saying if it wasn't for renting the metal detector I was about to pay 423$ on a new set of car key. I was able to locate the key in the dog park. I never used a metal detector in my life but with of the knowledge of the employee I was able to us it properly

Keith M.

The Grand Rental Station is the best rental company in North Jersey by far. The owner, and all of the employees, work hard, are polite, helpful, and most of all, have a vast knowledge of the rental business. Highly recommend

Lajuana M.

I've rented from Grand Rental several times in the past and have always had been met with professions and courteous sales staff

Madeline V.

I've been using them for a long time when I have my kids parties. They have great prices and have a large variety of games and equipment. I recommend them all the time

Marie M.

We use Grand Rental for different parties both business and personal. They are courteous, attentive and ON TIME which is essential during special gatherings

Sheryl G.

Great customer service. I use them for new years day every year and I haven't gotten nothing but great service. Their price is right too!

Stephen W.

Good service, good equipment and a good price. What could be better. The Jack Hammer I rented was less than six months old, came with two tools and most importantly a really long high current extension. So I was able to do my job without any issues. Highly recommended.

William W.

Honestly this place was a breath of fresh air and was an absolute pleasure. Fantastic, Well run, and affordable.

My girlfriend and I were starting a new project to refinish old hardwood floors in our apartment and we needed equipment. We searched and searched and finally found a place with reasonable prices. We made
our appointment and picked up our sanding equipment. One of the managers showed us how to use all of the products and gave us a great and much needed tutorial.
He was patient with us and answered all of our questions as silly as some of them were. The staff here is just amazing.  He was a class act, extremely helpful and friendly. If you were to go to any other Rental place like Home Depot or Loews, it is strictly business. This places adds a personal touch that
we just do not get enough of these days.  Honestly this place was a breath of fresh air and was an absolute pleasure. Fantastic, Well run, and affordable.
I highly recommend this place for all of your tool and equipment rentals